The Way to Remember Successful Poker Palms and Their Rank

The very optimal/optimally way to remember poker fingers and their rank, would be to split them into two halves.

The first half would be the rankings.

Higher card
Inch Pair
2 Pair
3 of a kind
This part is pretty easy.

Ostensibly it has 1, 2, 3, straight.

The straight could be the line that divides first half of the next half an hour .

Visually it’d seem like this:

1 two /

Representing 1 set, 2 pair, 3 of a type and Straight.

A straight is 5 cards in arrangement.

How would you recall what a straight is?

A right is a hand where all of the cards are now neighbors.

Next door interiors to be exact.

Both neighbors and straight have an (IGH) in the center.

Visually it’d look like this QQ Online.

straIGHt = neIGHbors

Back into the positions

The cards in the second half are rated as follows:

4 OF A Sort
So how can you keep in mind the card ranks to your second half of maximal ranking poker fingers?

Simply memorize this minor saying.

“FLUSH, the Full, FOUR, or Second FLUSH, Desired”

The very optimal/optimally method to remember this expression will be always to imagine flushing you eye or skin with water.

This might seem hard in the beginning but is still super effortless.

“FLUSH, a FULL, 4, or Secondly FLUSH, Required”


Quite self explanatory Besides

Second FLUSH = Straight-flush and

Desired =Royal flush

FLUSH, a FULL, FOUR, or Second FLUSH, Desired

Easy and simple way to check you’ve recalled that the lineup correctly would be always to see that flush has 5 letters, yet Fullhouse has 9 letters, so four of a kind has 11 letters along with straight flush contains 1 3 so they really get increasingly bigger as you move up in ranking.

Tip. Mention the letters from the word not the number 4 and also a royal flush beats every flip side .

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