How To Look Good On YouTube By Using The Right Video Encoding Settings

You don’t have to be a video professional in order to get good results when uploading your videos to YouTube. The key is to use the right video encoding format. The purpose of this article is to show that with the right choice of video file format and encoding approach anyone can produce a video that when uploaded looks good and is enjoyable for you and your friends to watch MP3 Youtube.

So What File Formats Do YouTube Accept?

YouTube states on their help pages that the following file formats are accepted:

Windows Media (files ending in .wmv)
Windows Media (files ending in .avi)
Quicktime (files ending in .mov)
MPEG (files ending in .mpg)

Will They Accept Other Formats?

However other formats are accepted, for example its possible to upload an flv (flash) file. One way to check is to see if your file uploads and displays, but make sure that it is not too big as you may have to wait a long time in order to see if it works or not!

Whats the Best Format To Use?

YouTube recommend the following as the the best upload file format:

MPEG4 format
320 x 240 frame size
30 frames per second (fps)
MP3 audio

But other formats are equally as good. WMV provides a good balance between video quality and small video size.

What Encoding Settings Do YouTube Use on Uploaded Video?

YouTube uses the Flash FLV video format to deliver video with the following settings:

320 x 240 as the frame size
25 frames per second (fps)
200kbps as the delivery bit rate

What this means is that whatever format you upload your video in they will still convert it using their settings. However, if you use a good format like those we have covered it gives the YouTube encoders less work and some hints as to what best to do 🙂

In order to encode your videos you will need good quality software that will do the encoding for you. Apple Quicktime is good for experienced users and Sony Vegas is good for both inexperienced and experienced users.

If you use the recommended settings above you will be happy with the results so have fun and get encoding.

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